Happy Holi Photo Editing Tutorial 2021

Happy Holi Photo Editing Tutorial 2021 with Holi Backgrounds & Pngs

Here I have shown you how to do Holi photo editing in Picsart app.

Holi Special Photo Editing

How to edit Holi photo in Picsart app?


First you have to open the Picsart app and then you have to add the Holi background by clicking on the plus (+) icon.

Holi Background
Holi Background


Then you have to add your own photo by clicking on "Add photo".


Then click on the "Cutout tool" to erase the background of the photo.


Then click on "Add photo" to add Holi colour pngs and set to the bottom.

Holi png
Holi colour png

Green splash png


Then click on "Add Photo" and add "Smoke Bomd Stand" and set it in hand.

Smoke bomb stand png


Then click on "Add Photo" and add "Smoke png" to set in Smoke stand.

Red smoke png


Then click on "Add Photo" to add "Happy Holi Png" and set up.

Happy Holi Png

Happy Holi Png

To better understand Holi photo editing, you can watch my Holi photo editing tutorial video on YouTube.

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